Friday, May 9, 2014

Fishing is My Lotus Position

I recently took up fishing again and have really been enjoying it. Not only have I had a great time, but I have really enjoyed the meditative nature of fishing. It's been said that the proper perspective to meditation is being in the present moment. One could be trapped in a lot of anxiety if they are stuck in the past or are overly concerned about the future. I think one of the finest, if not most important elements of fishing is enjoying the present moment. Minute by minute, cast after cast. Don't let the lack of catches yesterday interfere with your current outing.

This is my first year fishing in Oregon. I'm originally an Ohioan and I was raised on warm water fishing, so I haven't really got the fever yet to go after salmon, steelhead, and other northwest fish. With that said, I have been fishing in lakes and ponds, going after bass, catfish, trout, and panfish.

One nearby fishing spot I frequently visit are the Salish Ponds in Fairview. The place gets some negative reviews but just last week, on May 1st, I caught this little guy (a largemouth bass):

Photo: Don't despise small beginnings. First fish of the year caught at Salish Ponds.

I caught him in my first 2 to 3 casts, using Blue Fox spinner baits. I had a strong feeling that afternoon I would catch something. The weather had been sunny and warm for days. At this time of the year, I figured bass would be pretty active along the shoreline. Combine spawning with the nice weather and the odds may be in your favor. 

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  1. Happy for you! Hope that you are doing some fishing this weekend! Looking fwd to more pics!